About Us

A team of creative and friendly gauchos (and gauchas) at your service. We stand by our products, and we’re highly committed to the success of your WordPress site. 

Team Members

Brandon Ernst
Founder & CEO

Hi there! I’m the founder of Gaucho Plugins, a plugin development business offering a diverse set of eCommerce plugins for WordPress. I started leading product development in 2018, and soon after, I discovered an amazing platform called Freemius that allowed us to start our business very efficiently. I enjoy hiking, traveling, swimming, yoga and scuba diving.

Juan Manuel Obrach
Full-stack Developer

Hi! I’m Full-stack Developer at Gaucho Plugins. I’m a passionate developer working on projects that help companies grow and make their customers happy. My main objective is to create systems that simplify processes and allow businesses to take full advantage of the latest technologies. In addition, I am a producer of electronic music, and I program rhythms and melodies using MAX for Ableton live.


Interested in working with us? Great! We’re constantly on the search for talented, capable, and accountable team players. We have exciting roles for developers, marketers, support technicians, and more.

Our Values


When you’re part of Gaucho Plugins, you’re part of a family. All the energy we put into our work is for the benefit of everyone on the team, and, of course, our amazing users and customers from the WordPress community. 


Even when things are complex or difficult, we persevere through the challenges and find the best possible solutions. There’s nothing more rewarding than dedicated, hard work that results in a positive outcome! 


Accepting when we’re wrong and having the courage to know when we’re right is hard. The cycle of learning never stops, no matter what job you’re doing, so we maximize every opportunity for personal growth and performance. 


As we’re working on each task – whether developing a new feature or providing the best support we can – we constantly look for ways to implement the latest best practices or look for new ways of doing things. 


Quality work not only takes time, but communicating all the details and complexities of our work isn’t easy. Especially when working with our team, users, and customers, we take the time to understand all the details. 


With inspiration and good teamwork comes the energy to pursue and achieve big goals. Pushing the limits of what we think we can do is what we live by – and the only way to get there is to keep the energy and momentum high.